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A compilation of young danish talented songwriters. Featuring Kristine Hoelgaard with two songs.


released March 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Kristine Hoelgaard Odense, Denmark

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Track Name: The Elephant House
The Elephant House

I am hearing music in the autumn leaves
They fill up the floor in the elephant house
I’m an honoured guest in the elephant house
Where oversized opportunities
Live and breathe, alongside you and me

Out of every eye there is a different view
In each footstep a direction
The elephant doesn’t move fast you know
Still it can spin and turn you dizzy and leave you on your knees
To live and breathe, right here it’s just you and me

The sun coming up makes every house look like on fire
And while we walk from room to room everything is light
La la la…

In the light I felt the sun caress on my cheek
Without a notion or a warning
You heard me mumbling something ‘bout a joke I heard
You were kind enough to laugh

The sun...
La la la…